I used to compose regularly and for the joy of it. Nowadays most of my music is created out of demand for sync projects, drama, corporate and theatre. I still very much enjoy composing, just find that a deadline and a budget gives me the necessary focus. I very much enjoy exploring new directions and styles of music. Clients also regularly ask me to replicate certain songs for sync use as they wouldn’t be able to afford the royalties of a famous song otherwise yet still desire the feel and recognition of a particular piece of music for their video. I am comfortable with both, a specific brief or a vague theme. Each has its appeal to work with. Please get in touch if you would like an original composition to go with your movie or need something similar to an unattainable song.

I am also very much open to collaboration. As you can see from my SoundCloud I have worked with many artists to date to create a versatile mix of music and sound.

Some of my music can be found on BandCamp for sale.

I have been making music and sounds from an early age starting with Dance Ejay 2 when I was only 12 crafting electronic music, then discovering SoundForge to design sounds to use in my compositions. After progressing through a variety of other software including FruityLoops I went to University to study Creative Music Technology where I learned to use Logic. Through studio experience I got acquainted to Protools which I then used for the next few years before I finally discovered my personal holy grail of a DAW: Reaper! Through my job as a Soundrecordist I get to record a lot of material. I enjoy sending that through SoundForge to come up with large selections of the most varied sound samples to then stitch them together in Reaper to hopefully sound like a piece of music in the end:) A Lengthy process however, the approach guarantees a unique outcome every time.

Dubstep Sync for Documentary

Second version of this Dubstep track for a Motocross Video by Offset Films featuring Kate Dilemma’s ( vocals. This version has a more constant beat and upped energy + slightly more variety.

Master Thesis

This piece was the result of a live performance with the Ultra Sonic Harp, the musical controller I built as the final project of my MA.

Chillout Remix Contest

My entry for the Electronic Dream Foundation Remix Contest on While I didn’t win, I still ended up with a nice track I think:)

Tribute Remix

A Remix of Connie Converse – Down this Road. An unusual woman who wrote beautiful sad music that did not get discovered for a long time after her mysterious disappearance. Have a look at her Wiki

DnB Rap Collaboration

This was a collaboration with Rapper Stanleeonz and ended up being a Drum and Bass track.


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House Electro

A song I composed a long time ago with Logic stock vocals. It’s pretty short and uses different speeds for verse and chorus. People seem to like it:)

Ambient Sync Replica

This track was made to a brief replicating a very similar popular song to go with a shortfilm.

Corporate Soundtrack

This was one of the tracks composed for a corporate shoot of the Festival of Ideas in Cambridge.

Jazzy Corporate

Written as musical background for a corporate video production.

Fashion Show

This track was commissioned for a fashion show with specific requirements to faster and slower parts at certain points.

High Energy

A client asked me to create a very high energy track for a workout sequence in his video production.

Fun Time

Sometimes I remix/compose stuff simply for the joy of it:)


A Leitmotif is a musical phrase that describes a certain subject or object. This was for a feature film (dark comedy), musically portraying a slightly confused drug dealer.

Background Music

Another corporate Video required a casual and smooth musical background.

Jazzy Poetry

This was written to poetry as part of a feature film score.