Sound Recordist

Film and TV

I specialise as Location Sound Recordist but also regularly work in other areas related to sound such as composition, sound design, sound/dialogue editing, theatre (production and live).


Location Sound Kit: 6 Channels – 2 Boom mics and 4 channels of Radio

SoundDevices 664 Mixer – The latest, the best, the most commonly used on high profile shoots all over the world, expandable to 12 channels on demand

Schoeps CMIT 5U – The holy grail of boom mics, it’s also blue

Schoeps MK41 Supercardioid Mic – For indoor use

2 x Wisycom MTP41s Radios with Sanken Cos 11 Radio Mics

2 x Audio Ltd Radios with Sanken Cos 11 Radio Mics

Sanken Cub – Best Choice for car interiour shots

Tentacle Timecode system (2x) incl. adapters for all cameras – Even works with DSLRs!

Roland R26 Backup Recorder – Great for ambience

Umbilical Cord/Tails – Feed signal straight to Camera inputs

IEM (In Ear Monitor) – For Director, Script Supervisor, Producer, etc

PSC Elite Boompole (internal cabling) – A Boomop’s Dream come true

Rainman – Rain boom cover for shooting in stronger rain

6 x Soundblanket – To improve the sound of a location/decrease reflections off hard surfaces

Home Studio

“Naturschallwandler” – true surround sound dual mono speakers made in Germany

Software: Reaper (+AAF Translator Converter), SoundForge, Logic, Protools. Comfortable on PC and Mac


I just wanted to say that the work that Karl and his assistant did on my recent movie was the best location sound work I've had on any of my films. THANK YOU!!!!

Grandfather Films

Karl worked on our short film Bored Games and he was a true pro, turning up with all his own kit and knowing his job inside out. He was great fun to have around, very down-to-earth, a huge hit with the ladies and even cooked us a gluten-free cake. Highly recommended!

Walnut Pictures

I've worked with Karl on a number of projects now and always found him completely reliable, calm and friendly under pressure, highly capable and a pleasure to work with. If you can book him, do!

Mythica Entertainment

Karl was a great addition to our crew. We'll work with him again in the future!

Grass Roots Media

Easy going, efficient and committed, Karl was a valuable talent and a well liked person on our production.

Anaya Productions

Credits and Clients

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